It’s a wrap! Lifetimers Amy and Mat aiding company recycling

Two Lifetimers have taken it upon themselves to help the company with their recycling.

Wrap Administrators Amy Brown and Mathew Leech (pictured below) have purchased new bins which have been installed at Lifetime’s HQ in Great Cliffe Court, Dodworth.

Says Mat: “We’ve purchased new bins for the kitchens in Brook House, which have been added in an attempt to improve the company’s recycling.

“In the downstairs kitchen there are two bins; one for tins, plastics and glass and another for card, while in the upstairs kitchen there is just one for all the above.

“We will sort out the recycling bins every Friday.

“We are a growing company and both Amy and I felt we should do something about the recycling we do. It will help Lifetime and help the environment by cutting down waste.”