Is a SSAS the right thing for your company?

A Small Self Administered Pension Scheme, or SSAS as it’s more commonly known, offers unrivalled flexibility for individual members and can benefit the sponsoring employer.

The employer establishes the pension scheme by trust deed and invites members to join. The members each become trustees of the scheme.

The SSAS can loan the sponsoring employer up to 50% of the market value of the schemes assets.

The schemes assets can include commercial property and many types of investments which receive tax free growth.

A SSAS can be a business tool as well as a pension scheme.

Lifetime welcomes four new IFA’s

Lifetime has the pleasure of introducing four new Independent Financial Advisers (IFA’s) to the company.

Lee Bridgewater, Daryl Clarke, Steven Totty and Janette Town each bring a wealth of experience to the team after working in banking and as Independent Financial Advisers for many years.

Their appointments bring Lifetime a step closer to our goal of 25 Independent Financial Advisers representing our company by the end of the financial year. This will make us one of the larger Independent Financial Advice companies in Yorkshire and in Barnsley.

We’ve set exceptionally high standards for potential recruits and this has remained rigid as we seek to appointment only the best for the company and our clients.

Once we have achieved our target we will have specialist departments for all the financial services we offer, including: Financial Planning, Investments, Pensions, Corporate Advice and Mortgages.

Communications Director William Bottomley explained: “During this recent expansion of Lifetime Financial Management we have never lost sight of the high standards we need to maintain, and where possible we strive to improve them.

This is an exciting time for Lifetime, the introduction of specialist departments means that we can stay ahead of the game and continue to offer the best financial advice and services in all areas.

“It’s also nice that Janette has joined as our second female Adviser. We’d like to increase this number if possible as they are very much in demand in the Barnsley and South Yorkshire area.”


A lovely evening with the ladies from Sprotbrough Women’s Institute

Lifetime had the pleasure of being invited to talk to the ladies from Sprotbrough WI last week, on how important it is to plan for the future.

And what a welcome we had!

Andrew Revitt and William Bottomley presented to the 45-strong group and certainly didn’t feel intimidated by the fact they were the only men there!

The ladies were delighted to have male voices to accompany their opening song Jerusalem, and whilst the important message was clearly presented, the ladies certainly enjoyed the evening with lots of laughs and a glowing endorsement at the end.

During their meeting the group announced they had raised a substantial amount of money for the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

Lifetime would like to help their efforts by donating the fee we received for the evening to this charity.