Your Lifetime…..on the Horizon!

Lifetime were thrilled to be invited for an hour-long slot on Barnsley’s new community radio station Horizon FM on Wednesday.

Communications Director Bill Bottomley and Social Media Manager Andrew Lodge were the ‘double act’ who delighted in telling ‘the Lifetime story’ on air to popular Barnsley DJ Tommy Taylor.

Bill (pictured below with host Tommy) said: “It’s great to have the opportunity to let people know about our company, our services and how community driven we are.”


Bill informed the listeners of:

Why Lifetime are alternative financial planners

How we use Buckets in telling the ‘truth’ about money

What connection do we have with Warren Buffett..the most successful investor in the world!

Bill went on to talk about Lifetime’s sponsorship of the Barnsley hospice golf day at Silkstone GC on Friday, May 24, where 23 local businesses will take part, and the Lifetime Referral Scheme (

Andrew (pictured below) explained his role in the Lifetime ‘family’, helping the company raise their profile in the community, particularly through the use of the company’s own website, their Twitter and Facebook feeds, and other established media outlets.


Both men emphasised that it is the clients’ own story that is at the very heart of what Lifetime are about.

  • Horizon Radio, which has been on the 87.7 FM frequency, is in the final week of a month-long slot. It has proved to be very popular and hopes to land a permanent FM slot as a community radio station for Barnsley.

Lifetime gets a hole in one!

Lifetime was last night honoured with a visit from an up and coming sporting star!

He is a 12-year-old from Barnsley, called George Nicholson, whose rise to success as a golfer is already very much on course.




Above: George pictured with Pete Cowen who runs the golf academy which George attends, and also George presenting Lifetime with a signed copy of a picture of him in action.

George has won over 60 competitions both locally and nationally and as you can see from the photos George does get lots of media coverage and due to him being coached at the Pete Cowan golf Academy he comes into contact with World class golfers such as Lee Westwood, Thomas Bjorn, Louis Oosthuizen and Henrik Stenson. He is also a member of the Nike academy Elite Squad at Oulton Hall. So he does “get around” in the junior golfing circles!

He has been a “model” for Direct golf who are the largest independent golf retailer in the country and is in all their stores in the country as well as being the face of Jaxx junior golf equipment. Probably the most exciting prospect is that he will be playing in both the European and World championships later this year in Scotland and Pinehurst in North Carolina.

……Are all you golfers green with envy yet??

George has been searching for the right company to back him on his campaign to international success and Lifetime have been chosen as the company with the qualities and professionalism he wishes to be associated with.

Ian Dickinson, Lifetime Managing Director, said: “He was a delight during his visit and certainly was not daunted by a room full of Lifetime staff asking questions. In fact he had many of us in stitches with his quick wit and cheeky smile. This alone will carry him a long way. Determined and confident he exudes all the qualities of a future star.”

Lifetime wish George all the success in the future and hope that this will be the first of many blogs we write about him as we track his golfing progress.

Exam season – Are you doing your revision?

We can take control and plan for our own lives but at what point do we stand back and let our children take control and plan their own lives?

As we hurtle into the exam season door-slamming, tantrums, and sleepless nights are all too common in many UK homes – with teenagers, parents and teachers all sharing the pain.


Post-it notes and revision diagrams are plastered on the walls of some teenagers’ bedrooms, while others are turning to new technology to help them revise, including apps and consulting their friends over skype much to the disapproval of some parents.

But what are the “dos and don’ts” for parents who want to help their children do their best without adding to their problems and stoking their stress?

Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts says: “Revision time can wreak havoc in a family house – stress levels are high, coffee mugs accumulate, and anxious parents grow ever watchful.

“It’s difficult to get the right balance, but on the whole Mumsnetters advise parents to exercise patience – take the pressure off, stock the snack-cupboards and offer much-welcomed tea breaks.”

Consultant educational psychologist Vivian Hill says “young people have a variety of ways of revising, and stress in the home is often increased when parents fail to understand that.

“Each child will have a different style or approach to learning, some will have revision notes highlighted with coloured pens, others might use audio tape and some learn better interactively, working with a friend.

“It’s important to find out what works for them. This can lead to conflict. For example, some people find it easier to revise with music or the TV on in the background and some parents think it should be turned off. Some want to study all night long and parents might want lights out at 10:00. Some people are very fortunate in that they are doing what looks like half-hearted preparation but it is very effective.”

There is a risk that if you interfere too much, you might increase the stress on them even more. We must remember that most of the groundwork and preparation for exams is done in schools.

This is possibly one of the most difficult teenage times and parents need to be patient, bite their tongues and expect their children to be more difficult than normal because they are stressed. Try not to increase the pressure by saying things like, ‘It’s your one-and-only-chance,’ it’s far better to say ‘Don’t worry, just try to do your best.'”

What we fail to think about pre exams is that the real pain for parents occurs post exams. Rather than trying to control how our children revise we should instead be focusing on how we are going to fund the next phase in their lives be it college costs, university costs or simply supporting them.

A visit to Lifetime could be ‘Life Changing’

Life changing events happen to all of us. Important events that change the course of life from that day forward. The ones we choose are usually exciting and filled with anticipation: a wedding, a new career, a family started, a move made. All change the course of events in our lives from that day on and we step willingly into them.


It’s the other events that haunt us … the life changing events that we are plunged into without choice or warning. Individual crisis that everyone eventually gets a turn at. The call that a loved one is dying, an accident that changes life forever, a diagnose, a breakup, a job loss all change the course of life from that moment on and we find individuals forging on in places they have not stepped willingly.

If you were given six months to live, would you have the money to enjoy your last wishes? What if your partner dies would you be able to remain in your home and sustain your current lifestyle? If tomorrow you lost the job you hate but can’t imagine leaving, would you immediately look for another one you’d hate, or might you apply a little different criteria to the work you’re willing to do? Would you regret not realising your dream?

Our emphasis is on ‘THIS IS IT!’ You need to get it right because life is not a rehearsal. So plan.

We want your visit to Lifetime to be a life changing event in itself as we carefully ‘answer the big questions’ – your goals, ambitions, concerns – and help you live how you want to live, now and in the future, without ever running out of money no matter what happens. A Lifetime mission. Not a bad one we reckon!

Lifetime MD Ian and business friends helping Penistone Church hit the target

Lifetime is again demonstrating its commitment to ‘giving something back’ to the local community – by helping a forward-thinking football club reach its goal.

Lifetime Managing Director Ian Dickinson has teamed up with friends and fellow local businessmen to help Penistone Church Football Club achieve their ambition of playing in the Northern Counties East League.

Ian, together with builder Geoff Roberts and ex-Church player and ‘local entrepreneur’ Jeff Poulson, have come together to donate precious funds to help the club realise their footballing dream.

Club secretary Dave Hampshire paid tribute to the men and their donations: “Without their help we wouldn’t have even thought about improvements.

“To be quite honest, I had to build up confidence to go and ask them! But they are very good friends, are passionate about the community and the place they live, and they said yes straight away.

“I was humbled and honoured by their generous response and support. They have been absolutely brilliant and we as a club are very appreciative.

“As a club we are aiming to move to the next level in the Football League pyramid. We had to finish in the top five in the County Senior League and have the improvements in place and we are on course to do that. We could finish second this season.

“On instruction from the football authorities, we had to make changes to the changing rooms, showers, have new dugouts, put new seats in the stand, put up little signs, have a new fence put up etc.. They were all the things not covered by the grant we received.

“We always had a decent ground, it just needed upgrading, and now thanks to the efforts of these kind-hearted people we are going for our dream.

“We want to go up to the Northern Counties East League. By doing that we not only raise the profile of our club, even our town, but it will mean our young players can aspire to play their football in a more prestigious league.

“The club also provides a centre for local people of all ages to meet, socialise and take part in sporting activities, in a friendly atmosphere.”

Lifetime MD Ian said: “Penistone Church FC is a tremendous asset to the local community and I am just thrilled that Lifetime can play a role in helping them. The people here, like Dave Hampshire, Gordon Beever, Richard Moulson and all the guys have put their heart and soul into making the club something to be proud of.

“It is all down to their determination and effort that Penistone Church is one of the best clubs in the area.”


The above picture shows then men behind the Penistone Church fundraising push: From left to right: Gordon Beever (club chairman), Richard Moulson (young age group team manager), Geoff Roberts, Ian Dickinson, Dave Hampshire (club secretary) and Jeff Poulson.

  • Penistone Church FC are also holding a fund-raising sportsman’s dinner at The Fairway, Dodworth on Friday, May 17. Guest speaker is Barnsley-born former Nottingham Forest goalkeeper Mark Crossley. Tickets cost £25 and includes a two-course meal. For further details contact

South Yorkshire teenager hoping to catch people in his net!

A South Yorkshire teenager with a social conscience is hoping to catch people in his net!

Alexi Karakaxas, son of Lifetime’s General Insurance Manager Tracy Ward, is determined to play a part in campaigning for social justice in the world – and in particular wants to highlight the planet’s hunger problems.

His ‘Caught In The Net’ initiative has joined forces with over 200 other organisations, under the ‘IF’ campaign umbrella, to raise awareness.

One of Alexi’s hard-hitting statistics is ‘that two million children die of hunger every year, four times the population of Sheffield’.

Alexi, 18, started his ‘Caught In The Net’ campaign at school, All Saints Catholic High, where he is a sixth- former.

He said: “We are the only school in Sheffield that is doing this sort of thing as a whole school event. Although it was started through sixth form it is very interesting that it has taken off throughout the school, with the first years also getting fully involved.”

Alexi earned rave reviews when he presented an inspirational presentation to an All Saints assembly (see picture below).


“It would be fantastic to see Caught In The Net develop into a full-scale charity campaign,” he went on.

“We are aiming to take ‘Caught In The Net’ down to London on June 8, where we will join with the other IF organisations for an event in Hyde Park. It is all part of our lobbying the G8 summit which is being held in Britain this year.”

The British Prime Minister David Cameron is chairing the summit, and will welcome the other leading nations. The IF organisations want to bring to their attention their main issues, which are:

Stop big companies dodging tax

Stop farms being forced off their land

Make sure governments keep their promises on aid

Make governments and big companies more open about the actions they take in poorer countries

Alexi added: “There is an excellent IF video, which I have incorporated into my own power point presentation, which depicts the G8 leaders as children. The video cleverly puts world hunger at the centre of their discussions.

“I came up with the name Caught In The Net as a bit of a pun. Catching the G8 leaders in my net – and also the internet.

“I even dressed up as a fish (see below) when we delivered a ‘Hungry for Change’ initiative!


“You can follow us on twitter (@CaughtITN) and we will be doing video blogs as well. You can also purchase wrist-bands to show your support.

“By raising awareness through Caught In The Net and the whole IF campaign hopefully governments around the world will start to address world hunger on much more meaningful levels.”

Alexi is currently involved in exams – and plans to join the Royal Navy as a career.

But he hopes that he can leave a legacy.

“While the sixth formers at All Saints are currently leading the way with Caught In The Net, the year seven and eight pupils are also really interested and want to keep it going. That’s great news.”

Are you brave enough to ask the question?

Life is so uncertain and that is why everyone, including you, should have a plan in place if the unthinkable happens….you die. ……Face it; you really never know what could happen even in just the next few moments. However if you are brave enough to ask yourself the question ‘what would happen if I wasn’t here?’, you could be ultimately saving your loved ones from headaches adding to their heartache should anything happen to you.


At Lifetime we are still amazed at the amount of new clients we come across who want to leave something to their families, yet when we look at what would actual happen if they die it reveals a very scary scenario. While they may have been very astute at investing, they have not sat down and asked the following questions and consequently have left their families exposed and unprotected.

The big questions

If you were to die tomorrow, how much income would your family lose?

Does your spouse or significant other make enough to enjoy the same standard of living without you around?

Do you have provision to be able to replace your lost income for many years to come so your family doesn’t have to alter their way of life?

Future Expenses

If you have children and you leave no money behind, how will they pay for university? How will your spouse pay for the mortgage on your home? Anything that you may have intended on paying for going forward will need to be covered, which is hard to accomplish if you leave nothing behind.

While it is a bit morbid to think about death, it is necessary. You need to ask these questions so you can plan for them. Whilst you may hope you never need to put your plan into action, your family will be glad you were brave enough to ask these questions if something ever happens to you. Your reward will be total peace of mind knowing you have protected and provided for your family even after you are gone.

Lifetime cheering on Abigale in Sheffield’s biggest ‘little’ race

A Barnsley teenager will be hoping the ‘force is with her’ when she takes part in Sheffield’s biggest ‘little’ race on Saturday, May 4!

Mountain bike enthusiast Abigale Lawton (pictured below), daughter of Lifetime director Kevin and directors’ PA Tracey, is competing in the Peaty’s Steel City Mini Downhill, on the purpose-built track in Greno Woods.


The charity race is for the benefit of the Sheffield Wildlife Trust and the money raised will be used to further improve and maintain the bike trials. Last year there were 200 racers and over 700 spectators.

This year there is a ‘Star Wars’ theme running through the event, with a fancy dress contest open to all, including racers, marshalls and spectators.

The best-dressed ‘Star Wars’ person will receive a Cotic Bfe Frame.

Just imagine the whoops and shouts from the sidelines….”Whip it Wookie!!!”

Lifetime wishes Abigale all the very best on race day!

Are you protected from the Court that is supposed to protect you?

The Daily Mail’s front page headline had particular significance to Andrew Revitt, Director of Legal Services here at Lifetime.

The lead story title reads ‘Secret court in control of a £2billion fortune: It holds the assets of 16,000 vulnerable people – but pays them paltry interest.’

Andrew has been helping to spread the word about this little known Court of Protection, providing clients with a legal solution to help prevent money being locked down if of you become mentally incapable due to accident or illness.

It is a fate which is becoming increasingly common as the headline suggest but it is easily avoided with a legal document known as a Lasting Power of Attorney.


Andrew Revitt stated: “Without a Lasting Power of Attorney close friends and family (including your spouse/partner) do not automatically have the right to look after your financial affairs.

“If you are deemed mentally incapable it is bank or building society practice to freeze ALL joint or sole accounts until you have an order from the Court of Protection.”

What would happen if something happened to you? Would your family be left unable to pay bills and fighting with courts to support themselves at one of the most distressing times in their lives?

Read the Mail’s full story:–pays-paltry-interest.html#ixzz2RwIE5we9

Lifetimer Girish glad to play his part

A Lifetime Financial Planner is determined to do his bit for a good cause.

Girish Lad (pictured below) is helping the UK registered charity Govindbhai Foundation in their bid to break the £100,000 mark in total donations for 2013.

The charity was born out of a family project to raise money for good causes, both in the UK and India.

Girish Lad

Established by the Mistry family, the Foundation has, over the years, helped the Children’s Variety Club, Barnardo’s and Bradford Royal Infirmary, as well as long-term project The Dang School for Blind Children in Gujarat, India.

This year, in addition to the Blind School, the Foundation is supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust by providing support for their units in Leeds, Edinburgh and London.

The fund-raising event is being held on May 11 at the Aagrah Banqueting Suite in Bradford. The theme is ‘Las Vegas’ – and even ‘Elvis’ is making an appearance!

Girish is ‘doing his bit’ by sponsoring a table.

In his piece on the Lifetime website ( Girish says that ‘happy’ is the word that best describes him.

You can certainly tell! For every time he walks into the Lifetime office he lights up the place with his beaming smile and his ‘good morning boys and girls’ greeting!

And Girish is only too happy to be playing his part in helping a worthwhile cause.

For further details on the May 11 event, telephone either 07788 723057 or 07973 309687, or email