Spring has sprung for housing market

Figures out this week show that the housing market is at a three year high; the Bank of England predicts mortgage rates will “significantly” drop over the next three months; and to top it all the daffodils are finally blooming and the sun is shining.

What more does the housing market need to feel optimistic?

So is this the time to join the seasonal rush of house hunters?

Many new sales are initiated around Spring when people start to think about the new year ahead. Rightmove shows an increase in new properties coming onto the market at this time providing potential purchasers with new stock and more choice making April a prime house hunting time.

If it s not a new house, many instead opt to stay where they are and begin home improvement projects. More daylight hours gives people the energy and inspiration to renovate tired properties at this time of the year as the weather improves and the dark nights disappear.

Whether you are looking for a mortgage for a new property or a remortgage for home improvements we can help.

Chocolate fix mixes well with powers of persuasion from Lifetime pair

The potent power of chocolate, allied with the practical skills of persuasion, has helped two Lifetime Relationship Managers line up potential new business.

Simon Durkan and Aaron Alcock came in for plenty of praise after they showed a bagful of nous, initiative and self-motivation with their ‘off-the-cuff’ routine.

They decided to ‘pop in’ to local businesses armed with nothing more than their lovely chat, common sense approach, literature on Auto Enrolment (which is heralded as the biggest shake-up of pensions for a generation) and, arguably most important of all, plenty of kit-kats!

They produced a number of new leads and, asked why they had been so successful in their approach, both advisers came back with: “We gave them a kit-kat!”

The simple, touching gesture, to say ‘thank you’ to the various companies who had given time to the intrepid pair, was clearly appreciated. The chocolate went down a treat.

Lifetime’s Business Development Manager Neil Hodgson said: “They deserve a big pat on the back. No phone call beforehand, they just physically walked in to the companies and asked to speak with a senior person about the service Lifetime offers, in particular about Auto Enrolment.

“With only one exception they were received very well and they produced a number of leads for our Auto Enrolment specialist David Vickers.”

So, a nice little tale of ‘derring-do’ from the Lifetime duo.

As Lifetime’s Communications Director Bill would say, ‘dynamic behaviour guys!’

Bill the big-hearted egg man left shell-shocked!

William Bottomley, our Communications Director here at Lifetime, was shell-shocked when staff at Tesco’s prevented him from buying a pile of Easter eggs.

Big-hearted Bill was planning to splash out on 24 eggs for his five kids as well as the staff of his wife’s own company.

He went for the ‘three eggs for a tenner’ range, filling his trolley with the likes of crème egg, chocolate buttons and flake, but he was stopped from making the mouth-watering purchase at the checkout of the Tesco store on Huddersfield Road in Barnsley.

Said a bemused Bill: “I wasn’t sure whether they were stopping me buying the eggs because I had cleaned them out or because they were worried I was a chocoholic and they had a concern about health! I was shell-shocked to say the least.


“I eventually managed to get to see a supervisor and after a very strange conversation, where I tried to get across why I wanted the eggs, I was allowed to finally buy them.

“I couldn’t believe it though. That’s the first time I’ve ever gone into a shop to buy something and been told that I can’t have that much! Usually, shops and superstores are falling over themselves to get you buying as much as possible!”

A spokesperson for Tesco said: “We are sorry to hear of Mr Bottomley’s experience. We do have a limit on how many eggs can be bought on promotion, to ensure all our customers can benefit.”

Steve Lambarth on the radio….

We have managed to obtain the radio recording from our visit to Pensitone FM, so for those of you who missed it here you go. In the interview you can hear Steve Lambarth our pension specialist talk to Andy Riley about what is happen now and what we need to look out for in the future in relation to Auto Enrolment.

One of South Yorkshire’s best kept secrets? We think so!

Lifetime is one of South Yorkshire’s best kept business secrets.

Well, that is changing. We are now eager to share our success story with the public – and to play our part in making a difference to the community.

And already we are beginning to attract attention.

As well as featuring on radio, over the last week Lifetime has been featured on www.sheffieldnews andsport (, as well as Barnsley Town Talk (

And we are also hoping to feature in future publications from the Sheffield Star and Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce.

Lifetime Communications Director William Bottomley said: “We regard ourselves as alternative financial planners. We tell the ‘truth’ about money; answer a client’s big questions (goals, ambitions and concerns); and help clients live how they want to live, now and in the future, without ever running out of money no matter what happens.

“We also believe that we are a company with a heart, a company that is different. We believe passionately in community values and are committed to ‘giving’ and supporting good things in simple but effective ways.”

Lifetime sees red faces on Red Nose Day!

In true Red Nose Day style the nation did themselves proud on what was a spectacular Red Nose Day. Celebrating 25 years of the campaign, the grand total after a top night of TV reached £75,107,851.

Up and down the country, a fundraising frenzy swept the land and saw countless heroic acts of ridiculousness to help raise money for Comic Relief. This included the staff of Lifetime!

As you can see from the picture below over 30 of the team dug out their shirts, jumpers, shoes and ties to bring a splash of colour to a very grey Friday.


Whilst Ian and Robert hogged the limelight early on in the day (see previous post), Ken Abbott (mortgage adviser) later stole the show as he walked into the office wearing normal clothes much to the disappointment of many of the team. When asked what he had done to support the fundraiser his face went redder than the red pants he had to prove he was wearing!

This little bit of fun helped the team raise £91 for the charity. Well done guys and everyone else who did something funny for money. Fab total so far, and well done to the British public for supporting this most worthwhile of charities. At times like this it makes you proud to be British.

Terrific team effort on Red Nose Day!

It was certainly a red-letter day in the Lifetime office on Friday – as the staff displayed their ‘giving’ nature by doing their bit for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day.

They raised money – and enjoyed a little bit of Friday fun – by donning various items of red clothing.


Top of the pops as far as the ‘outfits’ were concerned was Technical Manager Robert Briggs!

Managing Director Ian Dickinson had led the way in the ‘sartorial red’ stakes early on but then Bob made his entrance…….and blew everyone else away!

A great team giving their time, money and effort for a great cause. Well done!

Comic Relief was launched from a refugee camp in Sudan on Christmas Day, 1985. A devastating famine was tearing Ethiopia apart and the whole world witnessed the heart-breaking scenes. Something had to be done – and that something was Comic Relief. The idea was straight-forward – get a bunch of well-known comedians to make the public laugh, and raise money for people in Africa and locally too. It has proved to be a winner on both counts.

Lifetime hits the airwaves

Lifetime had the pleasure of being invited to do an interview on Penistone FM today.

The live interview featured William Bottomley who gave an overview of the company and Steve Lambarth who talked about the new government rules on company pension schemes.

William, Communications Director, said: “it’s great to have the opportunity to let people know about our company and our services.

“For a long time we have been one of Barnsley’s best kept secrets as we have never advertised. Our clients have come purely through recommendation which is an endorsement in itself for our company.”


Lifetime is now 10 years old and employs 50. In a recent survey staff were asked what they would like to see happen to the company in the future. The unanimous verdict was that they wanted Lifetime to be a regionally recognised household name.

Steve Lambarth, who is the Pension Specialist, said: “We are all proud of our company and what we have to offer, we want everybody to know about our company because we believe they won’t get a better service anywhere else”.

It is hoped that the combination of our recent social media launch and the radio interview will be the start of Lifetime’s promotion campaign.

Look out Yorkshire, William sees himself as the next Terry Wogan!

Giving can make good come from bad

This week sees the nation come together to once again ‘give’ to a very worthy cause.

Comic Relief was launched from a refugee camp in Sudan on Christmas Day in 1985. At that time, a devastating famine was crippling Ethiopia and something had to be done. That something was Comic Relief. The idea was simple – get a whole bunch of much-loved British comedians to make the public laugh while they raised money to help people in desperate need both in Africa and locally.

Nearly 30 years on it is so heartening to see that even in times of austerity we are still a nation of ‘givers’.

Here at Lifetime we are also committed to ‘giving’ and supporting good things in simple but effective ways. There is no getting away from the fact that our sector is seen as one of the reasons for the recent austerity and this has attracted a lot of bad press over the last few years, but Lifetime is determined to prove that we are different.

In January we launched our Hospice Referral Scheme. We promise to give 10% of the initial fees generated on transactions from a new client you introduce, to your chosen hospice.

More recently we have also supported Penistone Church FC, a local football club who need to raise funds for ground modifications. One of the many things they are doing is organising a Sportsmans Dinner at the Fairway in Barnsley. Our support was simple but effective, we donated the tickets and posters to help promote this very worthy event. Please visit for more details.

We can all ‘give’ in a variety of ways both financially or with ‘time’ for good causes such as Comic Relief. Whether we are doing something to help people who are less fortunate or to simply support our local community either way Lifetime wants to be seen as a ‘giver’ not a taker.

Doing what it says on the tin….or bucket!

Barnsley people can often be wonderful innovators.

Thinkers, doers, movers and shakers. Make no mistake, Barnsley has its fair share.

Not many people know that Ronseal’s legendary slogan ‘It does exactly what it says on the tin’ was dreamed up, not in London, or New York, but here in South Yorkshire, by Hoylandswaine man Ged Shields, who has spent 25 years with the company.

Well, just like Ged, here at Lifetime we like to think we are forward-thinking. We too take pride in our positive brand values.

And our ‘Truth’ product also does exactly what it says on the tin…..or should we say bucket?!

Through our own innovative financial planning tool we tell you, the client, the truth about your financial situation.

We help create this plan by using our eye-catching ‘Financial Bucket’ – to illustrate just what your present scenario looks like. It clearly demonstrates how likely it is that you will be able to live the life you want, both now and in the future.

Gaining a clear understanding of your needs and aspirations requires us to get to know you as people, discovering what’s important to you.

It is an illuminating, exciting and highly beneficial journey of discovery.

Can a bucket change your life? Contact Lifetime to find out.