Grateful client thankful for ‘first rate’ Lifetime service in time of need

A grateful client has contacted Lifetime to offer their thanks for a ‘first rate’ service in a time of need.

Coming in for special praise was our financial planner Jennifer Broadhead (pictured below).

The client takes up the story: “Prior to June/July 2017 our investments had been overseen by an independent financial adviser who, over the 13 years we used him, became a close friend. So when he decided to retire we were concerned and somewhat anxious as to what was going to happen. My wife and I had been more than happy with the performance of our adviser and our investments. He guided us through the crash of 2008 and back into positive territory.

“Following his retirement we moved to Lifetime. We were more than anxious, to say the least, that we were dealing with a larger company and would perhaps lose that personal touch.

“Fortunately that has not been the case.

“We were immediately designated a personal adviser, in our case Jennifer Broadhead. Jennifer came out to see us and immediately began to put our minds at rest.

“She explained in relatively simple terms the philosophies of Lifetime, Vanguard and Transact. Being a born worrier, I have phoned and texted Jennifer on a number of occasions and she has always either phoned back or more often been to see us – and has helped to satisfy any queries we have had.

“The way in which our investments have been handled has been good, On the whole, even though we were very concerned initially, our experience of Lifetime, and the performance and competence of Jennifer Broadhead in particular, has been first rate. I would recommend them.”

Sadly, the client’s wife passed away recently.

He commented: “It has been a very upsetting and emotional time. My wife’s death meant that her investments needed to be transferred to me. This was handled efficiently and sensitively. Jennifer came to see me soon after my wife’s death to ‘check up on me’ and to discuss the future. I really appreciated that.”

  • Lifetime vision: Opening minds to a lifetime of possibilities.
  • Lifetime mission: We deliver life-changing financial modelling for our clients through our professional and dedicated team, creating life-long and trusted partnerships.

There are easier ways to talk about your pension!

Lifetime’s new  video has catapulted Pension Manager Tom Nelson to ‘star status!’

Tom has been hailed the ‘new Steve McQueen’ after his action-packed showing in Lifetime’s new pension blockbuster!

Tom overcame a number of ‘obstacles’ to let people know that Lifetime are ready, willing and able to help you with your retirement planning.

Enjoy the video, but just remember, there ARE easier ways to talk to Tom and our specialist team about your pension!

Goal Setting for Success

Now that January is over many of our New Year’s Resolutions may already be distant memories.  But if this has happened to you, don’t despair!  Maybe January 1st isn’t the best time for goal setting.  And perhaps you need a bit of help to come up with goals that you’ll actually stick to!

One of my favourite aspects of training to be a financial planner are the soft skills sessions we have with our communications director, Bill.  In these sessions we’ve discussed things like how to listen to our clients so that we can understand what they really want from life.  We’ve talked about how we can vary our approach to suit our clients’ personalities.  And we’ve looked at how cashflow modelling can help to answer our clients’ questions about the future.

The focus of our most recent session was goal setting, in our professional lives, our personal lives and with our finances.  Helping our clients to set their own goals is a central part of financial planning.  We aim to help people to work out what they really want from life and them we come up with a plan to help them to get there.

What does a good goal setting look like?

So why do those New Year’s Resolutions so often fail?  It’s often because of the kind of Resolutions that people make.  People might decide they want to get fit.  Or they might want to spend more time with friends or family.  But these resolutions aren’t specific so it makes it difficult to know whether we are making progress towards them.  They can also be overambitious which makes us much more likely to quit.

A good goal needs to be SMART:

Specific – You need to know exactly what your goal is.

Measurable – Get some numbers in there so you can track your progress.

Achievable – There’s no point shooting for the stars.

Realistic – Set a target that will stretch you but that is not impossible.

Time Framed – Make sure you know when your goal should be achieved.

So what are a couple of my goals for 2018?  Professionally, I want to pass the last four CII exams to qualify to give financial advice before the end of August 2018.  And one of my personal goals is to train for and complete the Sheffield Half Marathon.

If your New Years Resolutions have crashed and burned already, maybe now is the time to set yourself some new, SMART goals.  I wish you every success!

Exam delight for Lifetimer James

Lifetime trainee financial planner James Fisher is one happy chap!

James (pictured below) has been studying furiously in the last few months – and that hard work paid off with a notable exam success.

James passed his RO2 (Investment, Principles and Risk) exam on Tuesday.

Well done sir!

Barnsley Hospice fundraising boosted by Lifetime referral scheme

Barnsley Hospice Corporate Fundraiser Simon Atkinson is becoming a regular visitor to Lifetime’s Dodworth headquarters.

Simon popped into Lifetime House on Monday lunchtime to receive another cash boost from our highly successful referral scheme.

Simon was presented with a cheque for £780.67 from Lifetime director Brian Skelton (see picture below).

Said Simon: “We are very, very grateful to Lifetime for the regular donations we receive from their referral scheme. It is a fantastic initiative.”

This latest hospice cheque took the Lifetime Referral Scheme total to over £32,000.

For all introduced clients to Lifetime, we will donate, on your behalf, 10% of any initial fees generated on new transactions completed with these clients, to your local hospice.

Twenty-one hospices up and down the country have benefited from the referral scheme (

Big birthday celebrations at Lifetime!

Lifetime are celebrating some very special birthdays this week.

The Lifetimers came together to deliver 50th Birthday presentations to Accounts Manager Nicola Dickinson and Office Administrator Elaine North (both pictured below).

Nicola turns 50 on Wednesday (January 24) and Elaine hits the same mark on Thursday (January 25).

To mark the occasion their fellow Lifetimers surprised them by decorating the office and offering up a ‘Happy Birthday’ sing-a-long!

Director Brian Skelton then delivered a top quality presentation…….in his suit and bow tie!

And that isn’t the end of the Lifetime birthdays this month!

Mortgage Administrator Bev Shapcott (pictured below) celebrates her birthday on Thursday, while Office Administrator Michael Naylor (also below) has his birthday on Sunday.

And Directors PA Tracey Lawton celebrates her birthday on Monday!

So there’s plenty of cake in the office!


Lifetime team up with Chadwick Lawrence to run breakfast seminar for business owners

Lifetime are running a joint breakfast seminar run with Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors on Tuesday, 6th February (8.30am registration, 10am close), entitled ‘Business Owners – Planning for a Successful Future’.

As well as enjoying a free breakfast, the seminar will offer business owners an opportunity to consider appropriate exit strategies for themselves and their business.

The Corporate and Commercial team at Chadwick Lawrence will discuss the advantages of having shareholders agreements, the possibility of introducing employee share options and how to plan for a successful exit.

And then Lifetime directors William Bottomley and Rupert Smith (pictured below) will discuss how to provide the funds required for effective shareholder agreements and how financial planning can impact on successful exit planning for business owners.

Bill Bottomley - Lifetime DirectorRupert Smith - Lifetime Financial Planner and Director - Pensions Specialist
  • If you would like further information or to register your interest please contact Neil Hodgson/Adele Guest at Chadwick Lawrence on 01226 208600/01924 379 078 or
  • The event will be held at Chadwick Lawrence, Wakefield Office, Paragon Point, Paragon Business Village, Wakefield, WF1 2DF.
Lifetime Business Seminar Leaflet - Planning for a successful future - Chadwick Lawrence

It’s a wrap! Lifetimers Amy and Mat aiding company recycling

Two Lifetimers have taken it upon themselves to help the company with their recycling.

Wrap Administrators Amy Brown and Mathew Leech (pictured below) have purchased new bins which have been installed at Lifetime’s HQ in Great Cliffe Court, Dodworth.

Says Mat: “We’ve purchased new bins for the kitchens in Brook House, which have been added in an attempt to improve the company’s recycling.

“In the downstairs kitchen there are two bins; one for tins, plastics and glass and another for card, while in the upstairs kitchen there is just one for all the above.

“We will sort out the recycling bins every Friday.

“We are a growing company and both Amy and I felt we should do something about the recycling we do. It will help Lifetime and help the environment by cutting down waste.”

The unsuspecting financial planner

I never really expected to be working towards becoming a financial planner.  At school I always loved science the most, with drama coming in as a close second.  So you’d have thought I’d end up either with a life on the stage or a life in the lab.

For quite a few years I followed the less glamorous of these two routes.  I studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University and later came back to South Yorkshire to start a Plant Science PhD at Sheffield University.  I stayed on at Sheffield University for nearly three years after the PhD, working on a project researching the thawing ground in subarctic Canada.

While I’ve truly enjoyed the work I’ve done in science, and while it has given me the opportunity to meet some great people and visit some fantastic places, I decided in 2015 that it was time to move on to something new.

So why financial planning?  Well, while wondering what my next challenge should be I was lucky enough to meet Bill, Andrew and Luke from Lifetime at a Sheffield University careers event.  

Bill showed the Lifetime Big Questions video and I was intrigued.  I couldn’t wait to ask more about what I’d just seen. I also wondered how I would be able to help people with their big questions.

I’ve always enjoyed solving other people’s problems.  Helping less experienced students at Sheffield University was one of my favourite aspects of the job.  So, having the chance to guide people through the sometimes difficult world of personal finance seemed like the perfect next move for me.

A visit to Lifetime’s offices in Barnsley showed me exactly how I could help people to live the life they want to live.  And I really can’t wait to get started.  But before I can go out and begin helping clients there is a lot for me to learn.  

Being a good financial planner isn’t just about understanding the technicalities.  You also need to be a good listener, understand what makes people tick and what they want from life.

I’m writing this blog to give you an insight into my journey towards becoming the best financial planner I can be.  But I’d also like you to be able to learn something useful about your finances along the way as well.

How can you get involved?

You can get involved by reading my blog posts!  It’d be great if you would join my mailing list so that I can send you my latest updates.

But more than that I’d love it if you got in touch to let me know what you’d like me to write about.  You can either email me with any questions, or Tweet @LifetimeFM if you’re on Twitter.  I look forward to hearing from you!

James Fisher Trainee Financial Planner

James Fisher

The beginning of a new year is a great time to make new plans – including your financial plan!

The beginning of a new year. The perfect time for new beginnings. Ideal for making new plans. And talking of plans, there is nothing more important than a financial plan!

Now we know that those two words – financial plan – can strike fear into the hearts of many people who look upon money matters with trepidation.

Sometimes it can feel great to ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ – and letting things ‘just happen’. But not where your money is concerned. A proper financial plan – a life plan – is something that we all should look to put in place.And that is where we can help. Pulling together everything in your financial ‘bucket’ and marrying it with your goals and aspirations is true Financial Planning. Our objective is to enable you to bridge the gap between ‘perception’ and ‘reality’ through this process. Knowing what you are going to need will enable you to live your life as you want, and will give you the power to achieve your plan, without having to say…’oh, if only I’d known!’

We spend time with you discovering where you have come from and what is important to you now and in the future.

What are your concerns and what are your dreams and aspirations?

We will tell you the ‘Truth’ about your money and your plans, and through thorough cash flow forecaasting we put together a Financial Plan which will review with you every year to make certain your plan is on track.

So……a financial plan. Have you got one? If not, why not?

Do you want to live the life you want to live? Perhaps we could help you do that in 2018.

Get in touch.