Lifetimer Miles enjoys first exam success on road to becoming financial planner

Lifetime trainee financial planner Miles Myers is one happy young man!

Miles  (pictured below) has been studying hard in the last few months – and that hard work paid off with a notable exam success.

Miles passed his RO1 (Financial Services, Regulation & Ethics) exam this week.

Well done Miles!

It’s a half marathon – not a sprint! Planning for performance….

Back in February, I wrote a blog post about setting goals.  One of the goals I’d set for the year back then was to complete the Sheffield Half Marathon.  At the time I didn’t have a target time, I just wanted to finish.  I knew that my other goal, to complete all of my financial planning exams by August, was definitely going to have an impact on the amount of time I’d be able to spend training.  So it was clear that I would need a plan.  Thankfully, I managed to find a Lucozade Half Marathon training plan that would be able to get me ready in just three runs per week.

As this was my first half marathon, I didn’t have a target time to begin with.  But this all changed when I found out that my colleague, Scott Kershaw, in the mortgage department, had run the same race in 2015 with a finishing time of 1:38!  Suddenly a competitive urge took over me and I felt like I needed to beat Scott.

On the day of the half marathon, the planning didn’t end.  Although the time for training was over, I still needed a plan of attack for the race.

Thankfully, the pacers on the race made this a lot easier.  I just needed to stay in between the pacers with the 1:35 and 1:40 flags.  And hopefully, I’d be able to accelerate towards the 1:35 pacer in the last couple of miles.

Trainee Financial Planner James Fisher with his medal after the Sheffield Half Marathon 2018, looking happy that the planning and hard work paid off.

The race report

The race itself was a roller-coaster of an experience.  Initially, stood in the pen waiting to start, I was full of nervous anticipation.  A ten minute delay caused by a ‘police incident’ only added to the tension.  But after the countdown that anticipation turned into excitement and I had to control myself to avoid shooting out of the block like a greyhound and ruining my race.

The Sheffield Half Marathon is a tough run, most of the first five miles being uphill.  As I made my way up towards Ringinglow on the edge of the Peak District my excitement slowly faded away as I started to doubt whether I’d ever get to the top.  Thankfully, the people of Sheffield lining the route helped to spur me and all the other runners on with music, banners and jelly beans!

Finally, the course levelled off and I felt exhilarated by the beautiful views across Sheffield to the left and the Peak District to the right.  From here it was going to be almost all down hill.  I sped up, sticking to my plan to stay between the 1:35 and 1:40 pacers and really enjoyed the next few miles.

Once I got to about the eight-mile mark, things took another turn.  My legs started threatening to cramp up and I felt like I might be beaten!  I started to slow down, and I wondered whether a sub 1:40 finish would ever be possible.  With around two miles left to go, the 1:40 pacers caught me up.  This gave me the boost I needed, along with the jelly babies and orange slices from kind spectators.

Before I knew it the finish lane was in sight, and the guys with the 1:40 flags were cheering me on.  I crossed the finish line feeling shattered but with a great sense of achievement.

Did the planning pay off?

So, did all that training, planning and hard work pay off?  I finished the race in 1:38:37, which I was really pleased with.  But I was still 5 second slower than Scott.  Maybe I’ll have to beat him next time!

James Fisher's Sheffield Half Marathon 2018 Route and Results (1:38:37)


Lifetimer James chalks up another exam success

Lifetimer James Fisher has taken another notable step towards realising a major ambition – that of establishing himself as a fully qualified financial planner with the company.

James (pictured below), is one of a number of trainee financial planners at Lifetime, and as well as his normal workload he has been studying hard for exams.

That painstaking revision paid off last week as James passed his RO3 (Personal Taxation) exam.

Well done young man!

A big thank-you as Lifetime are put in ‘Supporter Spotlight’ by Barnsley Hospice

Lifetime has been featured on a press release – and video – that has been put together by Barnsley Hospice and their PR partner Capital B Media, which has been entitled ‘Supporter Spotlight’.

Lifetime has donated over £18,000 to Barnsley Hospice over the the past eight years and on the video (which can be seen below) our director Bill, together with hospice corporate fundraiser Simon Atkinson, talk about how we’ve helped and what our support means to the hospice.

Meanwhile, the press release reads:

Dodworth-based financial planners Lifetime have generated a ‘wealth’ of funds for Barnsley Hospice through their continued support of the charity.

The firm has raised £18,422 since 2010, with the majority coming from its successful referral scheme.

The total has also been boosted through sponsorship of the charity’s mascot, Oscar, and of the annual Barnsley Hospice Golf Day, which returns to Silkstone Golf Club on Friday 18 May.

William Bottomley, co-director of Lifetime, said: “When we were looking to adopt a local charity back in 2010, Barnsley Hospice was a bit of a no-brainer for us. Every one of us in the business has been touched by them in some way, and they are at the centre of community life here in Barnsley, so it was a perfect match for us to support them.

“It was fantastic to be told that we’ve raised over £18,000 so far and in the next few years, our aim is to double that. We have a great relationship with Barnsley Hospice and it’s a brilliant connection to have.”

Every time a new client is introduced to Lifetime, the company donates ten per cent of initial fees generated on new transactions to Barnsley Hospice.

The money raised helps the charity provide specialist care for anyone in Barnsley with a life-limiting illness, including cancer, motor neurone disease and heart disease.

Simon Atkinson, corporate fundraiser at Barnsley Hospice, said: “The support from Lifetime over the last few years has been incredible, but it was still a surprise when we totted up their total and realised they’ve donated over £18,000.

“From 2010 when they made their first donation of £250 in lieu of company Christmas cards, to today’s brilliantly successful referral scheme and their continued sponsorship of our Golf Day, we’re extremely grateful for everything they do for us. We’d like to say a big, big thank you to everyone at Lifetime on behalf of all the staff and volunteers at Barnsley Hospice.”

Donations from the Barnsley business community help the hospice raise the £2.2m it needs each year to care for patients and their families. A further £1.6m is provided by the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

  • Lifetime have sponsored the Barnsley Hospice Golf Day every year since 2012. For more information about the event, which costs £45 per person or £180 for a team of four, contact Martyn Hughes on 01226 244244 or email
  • Barnsley Hospice is based in Gawber and provides specialist care for anyone in Barnsley with a life-limiting illness. It has ten beds for inpatient care and provides day care at the on-site Limes Support and Therapy Centre. For more information about Barnsley Hospice go to or call 01226 244244.
  • Lifetime has a head office in Barnsley, employing over 50 staff, and a second office in Driffield, East Yorkshire. Clients are throughout the UK. The company’s referral scheme runs across the country and has so far raised a total of £32,200 for 21 hospices. For more information about Lifetime visit

Lifetimer Joe delighted with exam success

Lifetime’s Customer Service Administrator and trainee Financial Planner Joe Musson is one happy chap!

Joe (pictured below) has been studying furiously in the last few months – and that hard graft paid off with a terrific exam success.

Joe passed his RO2 (Investment, Principles and Risk) exam this week.

Well done young man!

Lifetime donations to Barnsley Hospice top £18,000

Lifetime’s highly successful referral scheme is helping boost the coffers of hospices up and down the country.

The main beneficiary of the scheme is Barnsley Hospice – and Corporate Fundraiser Simon Atkinson, along with Mary Ferguson from PR firm Capital B Media, popped into Lifetime’s Dodworth headquarters on Thursday morning to reveal the fact that the financial management company has so far raised over £18,000.

That money has been raised through the referral scheme as well as Lifetime’s sponsorship of the hospice’s annual golf day, and mascot Oscar.

Lifetime director William Bottomley, pictured below with fundraiser Simon, is delighted with the close relationship the company has with the hospice.

“Barnsley Hospice is our charity of choice in our local community and we are thrilled to help them in any way we can. They do an absolute fantastic job.”

Simon added: “We are so grateful to our good friends at Lifetime for the regular donations we receive from their referral scheme. It is a fantastic initiative.

“We were delighted to say a special thank you to our friends at Lifetime whose amazing support over the last few years has totalled over £18,000.

“We had fun filming with the team there this morning…look out for a special video coming soon!”

This latest hospice cheque took the Lifetime Referral Scheme total to over £32,200.

Meanwhile, Lifetime is again sponsoring the annual Barnsley Hospice Golf Day at Silkstone GC.

This year the event will take place on Friday, May 18.


Trainee financial planner Charlie passes RO2 exam

Lifetime trainee financial planner Charlie Parker is one happy young man!

Charlie  (pictured below) has been studying hard in the last few months – and that hard work paid off with a notable exam success.


Charlie passed his RO2 (Investment, Principles and Risk) exam on Monday.

Well done Charlie!

The power of Truth helps Lifetime client make life-changing decision

Lifetime financial planner Robert Bligh has seen at first hand how the power of ‘Truth’ can help a client make a ‘life-changing decision’, hopefully for the better.

Lifetime uses the fantastic cash flow modelling software from Prestwood Truth to help put together a client’s financial plan.

It helps us tell our clients the ‘truth’ about their money.

Driffield-based Robert (pictured below) met his client for a full review – and to look at his ‘Truth picture’.

Said Robert: “The client was 55, almost 56 years old, and in rented accommodation. Having looked at his picture I asked him why he was renting and not having his own property.

“He was unsure whether he could afford it. He had also lost his wife recently and admitted that he was low on confidence – and was certainly not confident of taking the plunge into the house market on his own.

“He was paying around £500 per month on his rent, but by looking at his Truth picture we could see that he could take out a mortgage over 10 years, which would cost him an extra £100 or so per month – a figure he could afford – and by the time he was 65 he would own his own home.

“That would in turn make him more comfortable in retirement.”

“He was very impressed – and interested – in what his Truth picture showed him. And a day ago he telephoned me to say he had found a house and had made an offer.”

As Robert points out: “Due to the client’s age, he had to make the decision now, because in a few years time he would not have been able to secure the mortgage he needed. He had to take the plunge now. That insight and knowledge is what makes the Truth software – and cash flow modelling – so very powerful.

Robert went on: “This job is not all about taking fees from clients, or putting thousands of pounds into investments. It is, as Lifetime’s mission statement says, about delivering ‘life-changing financial modelling for clients’.

“This particular client has made a life-changing decision, hopefully for the better. Truth has helped him.”

And so did you Robert. So did you.

Lifetime’s Angels brave wintry weather to attend International Women’s Day conference

Two of Lifetime’s Angels braved the wintry weather to get the opportunity to speak to hundreds of Yorkshire business women about the importance of cash flow financial modelling.

Business Development Consultant Janette Town and Lifetime Financial Planner Jennifer Broadhead (pictured below) battled with the snow and ice to reach Wetherby Racecourse, for the Yorkshire Ladies Links’ ‘Be Inspired’ Conference on International Women’s Day (March 8).

Lifetime had a stand at the popular event – which despite the dreadful weather was attended by hundreds of ladies from across the county.

Opening minds to a lifetime of possibilities

Minds were opened to a ‘lifetime of possibilities’ at our recent ‘Values Day’ at Wortley Hall.

All the Lifetimers came together to watch presentations delivered by our MD Ian Dickinson, Communications Director and ‘special guest’ Mel Bligh, before deciding on the six ‘value’ words we will shortly be making ‘part and parcel’ of our company going forward.

Lifetimer Annabelle took the following pictures of a fantastic event, where ‘no idea was a bad idea’.