Make informed money choices with the help of Lifetime’s digital financial planning service

Technology is transforming every facet of our lives and we believe that a new era of financial planning is upon us.

As one of Lifetime’s core values is Innovation, we have put time and resources into establishing a dynamic, digital service that can combine our more traditional face-to-face proposition with another pathway for clients to take control of their finances and make better informed money choices.

Our secure online portal gives us the platform to deliver your own bespoke financial plan screen-to-screen, albeit with the key personal touch provided by our financial coaches.

We are endeavouring to bridge the advice gap by providing all generations with easy and secure access to full financial planning, together with a great digital experience.

If you have questions, such as when can I retire, then come and go through Lifetime’s digital financial planning process, with our brand mascot Flo  as your guide……

You will get answers.

It is a new decade. Make it the time you begin to truly understand your financial situation.

Lifetime is offering an exciting digital financial planning journey. Get in touch if you want to be in control of life’s rollercoaster – and achieve your goals and ambitions.