The beginning of a new year is a great time to make new plans – including your financial plan!

The beginning of a new year. The perfect time for new beginnings. Ideal for making new plans.And talking of plans, there is nothing more important than a financial plan!

Now we know that those two words – financial plan – can strike fear into the hearts of many people who look upon money matters with trepidation.

Sometimes it can feel great to ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ – and letting things ‘just happen’. But not where your money is concerned.

A proper financial plan – a life plan – is something that we all should look to put in place.

And that is where we can help. Pulling together everything in your financial ‘bucket’ and marrying it with your goals and aspirations is true Financial Planning. Our objective is to enable you to bridge the gap between ‘perception’ and ‘reality’ through this process. Knowing what you are going to need will enable you to live your life as you want, and will give you the power to achieve your plan, without having to say…’oh, if only I’d known!’

We spend time with you discovering where you have come from and what is important to you now and in the future.

What are your concerns and what are your dreams and aspirations?

We will tell you the ‘Truth’ about your money and your plans, and put together a Financial Plan which will review with you every year to make certain your plan is on track.

So……a financial plan. Have you got one? If not, why not?

Do you want to live the life you want to live? Perhaps we could help you do that in 2017.

Get in touch.

Passed with distinction! Lifetimer Karen thrilled with exam success

Lifetimer Karen Lodge has chalked up a notable exam success.

Karen (pictured), who has operated as a Mortgage Adviser with the company, is now on her way to becoming a financial planner.

As such she had to tackle the Diploma for Financial Advisers Unit 1 (Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics) – and passed with distinction!

Well done Karen!

Episode 24 of Lifetime’s Desert Island Discs – featuring Business Development Manager Peter Clarke

Desert Island Discs: Episode 24, Business Development Manager (Wealth Division) Peter Clarke:

Well, here goes, my choices for Lifetime’s Desert Island Discs!


Disc One: A Night To Remember – Shalamar

This was the first CD that I bought in the early 1980’s – and I still have it!


Disc Two: Trapped – Colonel Abrams

This was playing in 1985, when I was studying hard for 11 ‘O’ Levels and with my saved pocket money, I bought the ‘Picture Disc Vinyl’ which I think is now worth a few quid……..


Disc Three: Suffragette City – David Bowie

This coincided with both my studies and my first concert at Maine Road, Manchester in the 1980’s. At the time,  I couldn’t quite work out what my ‘O’ level, historical suffragettes, had to do with Bowie!


Disc Four: Wonderwall – Oasis 

This song I played to death, until I was annoying everyone who was within listening distance, namely my family! Day and night for months…….


Disc Five: Mustang Sally – The Commitments

Being Irish, this song resonated with me in the early 1990’s and is still my ‘karaoke’ go-to song!


Disc Six: Thriller – Michael Jackson

Just the most mesmerising video I had ever seen. I still think that it is the greatest song he ever wrote.


Disc Seven: Beautiful Day – U2

Simply a pure classic.


Disc Eight: As – George Michael

1998 was a special year for me in my life and I remember George singing this. Very poignant now that he is no longer with us.


Choice of Book: Far From The Madding Crowd – Thomas Hardy

I studied Thomas Hardy at school and quickly became addicted.


Luxury Item: Water!

Joint venture opportunity backed up by glowing testimonial from accountants

Lifetime currently has a highly productive partnership with around 40 professional business organisations – including accountants and solicitors – who enjoy a worthwhile income by referring clients and contacts to us.

It is a business relationship that has been tried and tested, and is working extremely well.

One of the chartered accountant firms who have been absolutely delighted with their link-up with Lifetime is Yorkshire-based Jackson Robson. Their director, Geoff Mountain FCA FCCA Cert PFS, spoke in glowing terms:

“Since deciding to close our own Financial Services business last year we were introduced to Lifetime who put forward a mutually beneficial arrangement to us.

“They have been professional and efficient throughout, with the figures exceeding our expectations.

“Everyone we have come in to contact with has been friendly, helpful and proficient. This is supported by the glowing feedback from our clients.

“We very much look forward to many more years of working with them, expanding our businesses together.”

  • Would you like to be part of a joint venture with a reputable Financial Planning firm, with no cost, risk, compliance issues or PI liability – and have the opportunity for ongoing revenue, additional profit – from your existing clients and networking contacts?
  • There is complete transparency. And you will have regular and comprehensive information on all the clients you refer to us.

Lifetime has offered first class professional and holistic wealth management advice to clients for the past 15 years. We have over 50 staff, operate from offices in Barnsley and Driffield, and have clients all over the country.

We put our clients at the centre of our services – and are committed to helping them live the life they want. This is the most important part of our business. As part of the initial process we prepare a comprehensive and personal cash flow forecast for each client – and we have specialist advisers on any aspect of pension investments, as well as low cost fund choices.

  • Please telephone Lifetime MD Ian Dickinson on 01226 208600, who will be only too pleased to explain our offer in more detail.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas – and a wonderful New Year!

As we count down to Christmas Day, all the festivities, and the onset of 2017, all of us here at Lifetime would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas – and a wonderful New Year!

The foundation of our financial management business has always been the relationships we have had with our clients.

Lifetime has been built upon their loyalty and the level of service we have been able to provide.

We have grown and continue to do so through the recommendations and referrals we receive from them, this has helped us to remain profitable and so able to improve our services to all our clients.

So to all our clients, and everyone we know, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

  • The Lifetime offices will be closed from 1pm on Friday, December 23 until 9am on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

Adviser Robert named Lifetime’s Financial Santa!

Adviser Robert Bligh has been crowned Lifetime’s Financial Santa!

Affable Robert (pictured below), who is normally based in our Driffield office, had popped over to our Barnsley headquarters and was soon getting involved in the pre-Christmas banter with his colleagues.

But then……..he proceeded to drop the bombshell, the news that perhaps his children didn’t really want to hear, what with the ‘Big Day’ fast approaching!

Said Robert: “The greatest gift you can give a child at Christmas is a pension.”

Wow! Now we know our Robert is a deep thinker, a forward thinker, in fact a ‘think tank’ all wrapped up in one financial planning body, but……but……..

We’d like to see the faces of his kids on Sunday morning………!

And once he’d let that one sentence slip from his lips, Pandora’s Box was truly opened! His Lifetime colleagues, with a cry of ‘Bah Humbug,  immediately dubbed him Lifetime’s very own Financial Santa!

And in no time at all ‘Financial Santa’ had a back story, a Christmas story to tell, with all the key parts ‘kindly’ provided by his work mates…….

‘As well as a pension, and books, perhaps Lifetime Financial Santa Robert B will have put this under the tree for his kids – and him – to play on Christmas Day……’

‘Oh, and Lifetimer Robert has also bought his kids some lovely books to read during the festive season too……’

Cartoons soon began to be circulated, adding fuel to the fire……

#savemore became a viral hashtag, courtesy of Financial Santa Claus Robert Bligh…..

Then, the Lifetimers began to think of what Christmas morning would look like in the Financial Santa household…….

Picture the scene:

“And for you son, 20% tax relief on your pension contribution!…..”

“Thanks dad it’s just what I always wanted………!!”


“And for you kids, I’ve bought you your actual retirement……because when you are older you can buy any toys you want!”


“No Lamborghini for you my dear……’s all about your pension…….”

#LifetimeFinancialSanta Robert offers the spirit of Christmas to his kids……..

He’s a thorough chap, is our Financial Santa Robert. Preparation is everything. Here he is checking  the fact find he’s done for his children…….

Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s……

Happy Christmas!



Lifetime director presents St Luke’s Hospice with referral scheme cheque

The latest cheque from Lifetime’s highly successful hospice referral scheme has been handed over to Sheffield-based St Luke’s.

Lifetime director Brian Skelton (right of picture below) was pleased to present St Luke’s Corporate Fundraising Co-ordinator Jack Kidder with a cheque for £641.17 at Lifetime House on Wednesday afternoon.

Lifetime has now given over £24,000 to 20 different hospices up and down the country.

Said director Brian: “We are absolutely delighted that our referral scheme is helping hospices in this way. Hospices like St Luke’s do vital work in the community and we are so pleased that we, together with out loyal clients, can help them in this way.”



Birthday milestone for Lifetime pension specialist Steve!

Lifetime came together on Wednesday afternoon to celebrate a notable birthday milestone for colleague Steve Lambarth.

Pension specialist Steve is 50 next week and before the Christmas break his work-mates called him over to the Lifetime House administration room, where MD Ian Dickinson presented him a birthday card and a voucher that all the staff had collected for.

Many Happy Returns Steve!

Lifetime client who set up ‘Fitmums and Friends’ venture proud to have received British Empire Medal

Lifetime Financial Planner Robert Bligh knows a good photo opportunity when he sees one!

Robert, who is mainly based at our Driffield office in East Yorkshire, was keen to get a snapshot of client Samantha Barlow and the British Empire Medal she was given by the Queen (see picture below).

Mrs Barlow, of Cottingham near Hull, was awarded the BEM medal (in the honours list announced at the beginning of this year) for services to health and fitness in East Yorkshire.

She formed the charity venture ‘Fitmums & Friends’ – after five mothers responded to an invite in school book-bags to meet her for a run.

From that small beginning, ‘Fitmums & Friends’ has grown into eight groups and over 600 members, of all ages, from Hull in East Yorkshire to South and North Yorkshire. Friendship and camaraderie play a big part, as well as the enthusiasm to boost fitness.

Said Sam: “I was very honoured and proud to receive the BEM medal. The Fitmums and Friends has really grown and a lot of people are getting real benefit from it, which is great to see.”

And of ‘photo opportunist’ Robert, Mrs Barlow added: “Both my husband and I are very grateful to Robert for his financial advice. He has been very helpful and we always enjoy seeing him!”


Rotherham Hospice thrilled with Lifetime referral scheme!

Rotherham Hospice Corporate Fundraiser Sharon Thompson was a welcome visitor to Lifetime House on Monday.

Sharon had popped along to our offices to receive monies generated by our hospice referral scheme (

She was met by our Mortgage Adviser Ken Abbott, who was delighted to present her with a cheque for £717.78 (see picture below).

Lifetime has now given over £24,000 to 20 different hospices up and down the country.

Said Social Media Manager Andrew Lodge: “We are thrilled that our referral scheme is helping hospices like Rotherham, who do such wonderful work. It has proved to be a very successful way of something back to our community and that of our clients.”

  • For all introduced clients to Lifetime, we donate, on your behalf, 10% of any initial fees generated on new transactions completed with these clients, to your local hospice.