Tasty treats to be had at Lifetime Pancake Day!

The newly-established Lifetime social team came up trumps when they suggested a special ‘Shrove Tuesday’ event.

Their idea of a ‘Pancake Lunch’ at Lifetime House proved a roaring success – with tasty treats leading to plenty of fun…….and full bellies!

The Lifetimers took turns in making their own pancakes on a hot plate, before adding their preferred toppings.

Lifetimer Tracy chalks up notable exam success

Lifetimer Tracy Ward has chalked up a notable exam success.

Tracy, who is currently studying to be a financial planner with the company, has passed her latest exam, the AMA Unit, and achieved DipMAP status!

Well done Tracy!


Episode 25 of Lifetime’s Desert Island Discs – featuring Wrap Administrator Amy Brown

Desert Island Discs: Episode 25, Wrap Administrator Amy Brown:

There are so many songs I could have chosen for my Desert Island Discs! It has taken me a long time to choose just eight, but here they are:


Disc One: Common People – Pulp

This song takes me back to my childhood camping and caravanning days with my parents and our dogs; some very happy years. This song was one of my dad’s favourites and it always got played on our travels up to Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay and Flamborough. It got played that much I think I actually know it word for word.


Disc Two: Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve

Just a song I have always loved from the moment I heard it. There isn’t any reasoning behind it but I imagine it would be a nice song to chill out to on a desert island.


Disc Three: Not Nineteen Forever – The Courteeners

An upbeat song that always reminds me of my late teenage years, being 19 in particular when I first heard it. Secondly, the lyrics ‘Not nineteen forever, pull yourself together’ was poignant to me at the time, it sounds silly but it was around the time I moved out of my family home in with my partner at the young age of 20. Let’s just say I had to ‘pull myself together’ and stand on my own two feet rather quickly!


Disc Four: Take Me To Church – Hozier

I first heard this song just before a skiing holiday to Austria with my friends in January 2015. It was played quite a lot on the slopes that holiday and I couldn’t stop singing it, so whenever I hear it now it always brings back great memories of a fantastic holiday.


Disc Five: Happy – Pharrell Williams

Whenever I hear this song it always makes me sing and get up and dance! I absolutely love it and it makes me feel so happy! It also always reminds me of the film Despicable Me. I may be 24 but I’m definitely a big kid when it comes to animated films and Disney films.


Disc Six: Cassius – Foals

One of my absolute favourite bands – and it was so difficult for me to choose just one song!


Disc Seven: Right Here, Right Now – Fatboy Slim

I’ve seen him four times now, twice in England and twice in Ibiza, and I absolutely loved him. This song brings back such good memories of those nights and holidays and it always puts me in a great mood whenever I hear it.


Disc Eight: Re-Wired – Kasabian

Another one of my favourite bands, taken from my favourite Kasabian album ‘Velociraptor’. I can listen to the album for hours and it’s a firm favourite for my gym soundtrack.


Choice of Book: Living Wild – Bear Grylls

I know I would be absolutely useless when it comes to fending for myself in the wild, so I think this would be a sensible choice to take with me on a desert island!


Luxury Item: Duvet

I didn’t have to think long about this one! I would definitely take my duvet, it is one thing I could not live without. I’m almost always cold and at the end of the day I love getting into bed and snuggling down under my big fluffy duvet with a good book!

Lifetime delighted to present Rotherham Hospice with another referral scheme donation

Rotherham Hospice Corporate Fundraiser Sharon Thompson made a welcome return visit to Lifetime House on Tuesday morning.

Sharon braved the wet South Yorkshire weather to make the short journey to Lifetime HQ and receive a cheque, made out to Rotherham hospice for £778.04, which had been generated by our highly successful referral scheme (

New Lifetime recruits Natalie and Danny kindly handed over the cheque to a delighted Sharon (picture below).

Lifetime has now given over £24,000 to 20 different hospices up and down the country.

  • For all introduced clients to Lifetime, we donate, on your behalf, 10% of any initial fees generated on new transactions completed with these clients, to your local hospice.

Lifetime and ‘Big Questions’ video cause a buzz – and gets thumbs-up from Steve Bee!

It is always nice to be complimented, to be congratulated and encouraged for doing things a certain way. To be recognised as being on the right track.

Here at Lifetime we strive to be different. Being the same as the majority of finance firms does not ‘float our boat’.

Our social media policy is to engage as well as try to educate, to communicate in a lively, informative, innovative way. Yes, we sometimes talk about what we do, financial planning, pensions etc, but we also use our social media platforms to participate in conversations, share ideas and thoughts, and offer people a window into who we are as people. All with a sense of fun and adventure.

So it was lovely to receive a couple of great Twitter messages from Steve Bee, who, on Twitter, goes by the name of @PensionsGuru.

Steve Bee

Steve has for decades been one of the industry’s most high profile pundits and most influential thinkers, receiving  a number of accolades for his cartoons on pensions.

After we had put up a Twitter message with a youtube link to our ‘Here Is A Man/Big Questions’ video (  Steve posted his own Twitter comment, saying “I really like this company and this video.”

On thanking Steve for his kind words, the ‘Pension Guru’ replied: “You’re welcome. It’s refreshing to see the kind of things you are using to reach out to people. Keep it up!”

We will, Steve, we will. Especially when we get the sort of feedback that you have given us.

It just goes to show we are on the right track!



Lifetimer Neil talks at Rotherham Hospice business breakfast event

Lifetime Business Development Manager Neil Hodgson was a welcome guest at Rotherham Hospice’s business breakfast event on Tuesday.

Lifetime regularly present Rotherham Hospice with cheques raised from our referral scheme (

Neil was invited along to talk about what we do – and why we do it – as well as explaining how we help hospices up and down the country through the highly successful referral scheme.

We will always look to provide a culture of empowerment and innovation at Lifetime

Building a culture where everyone is part of a happy, vibrant, innovative and passionate team.

That is what Lifetime strives to do, each and every day.

And in 2017 the workplace culture is more important than ever.

A person’s working hours is something that they should not fear, or dread every morning when they wake up. Employees should look forward to going to their jobs. In fact, they should have a hard time leaving because they not only enjoy the challenges, but they also get on well with their co-workers, and the atmosphere is one where enthusiasm, a sense of fun mixed with purpose, and innovative ideas abound.

Jobs should not provoke stress in employees. Or jealousy. It should not lead to splits. Or mini empire building between various departments.

A great culture can prevent these things. And a business benefits as a result. Happy employees with a ‘all for one, one for all’ attitude leads to more productivity, greater innovation, better results.

When a business is more productive, it is working faster – and when it works faster, it can get a leg up on the competition. So it is worth the investment for companies to build and nourish their culture.

This week the various Lifetimers who deliver service support got together for a ‘brain-storming’ session, discussing ideas and new ways that our company can continue to build a ‘happy ship’ that can sail into 2017 and beyond with confidence, belief, passion and a feeling of togetherness.


Hospice fundraiser Mandy made up with latest Lifetime referral scheme donation

Barnsley Hospice Events Fundraiser Mandy Ibbotson was a welcome guest to Lifetime House on Thursday morning.

She had popped along to chat with MD Ian Dickinson and Social Media Manager Andrew Lodge about the annual hospice golf day, an event held in May at Silkstone Golf Club and sponsored by Lifetime.

But not only did Mandy go away happy with the arrangements and new ideas for the 2017 event on Friday, May 19 , she also had safely tucked away yet another cheque for the hospice (£128.78) from Lifetime’s hugely successful referral scheme (see picture below).

Lifetime has built up a very strong relationship with Barnsley Hospice over the years.

As well as sponsoring the annual golf day, and the hospice mascot, Oscar, Lifetime also send regular donations via their community-driven hospice referral scheme (

For all introduced clients to Lifetime, we donate, on your behalf, 10% of any initial fees generated on new transactions completed with these clients, to your local hospice.

As a result, Lifetime has given over £22,000 to 20 different hospices up and down the country.


Lifetime ‘family’ has two new faces!

Two new faces have joined the Lifetime ‘family’.

Natalie Dvelys and Daniel North (both pictured below) have joined the admin team based at Lifetime House in Great Cliffe Court, Dodworth.

Welcome aboard you two!


The beginning of a new year is a great time to make new plans – including your financial plan!

The beginning of a new year. The perfect time for new beginnings. Ideal for making new plans.And talking of plans, there is nothing more important than a financial plan!

Now we know that those two words – financial plan – can strike fear into the hearts of many people who look upon money matters with trepidation.

Sometimes it can feel great to ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ – and letting things ‘just happen’. But not where your money is concerned.

A proper financial plan – a life plan – is something that we all should look to put in place.

And that is where we can help. Pulling together everything in your financial ‘bucket’ and marrying it with your goals and aspirations is true Financial Planning. Our objective is to enable you to bridge the gap between ‘perception’ and ‘reality’ through this process. Knowing what you are going to need will enable you to live your life as you want, and will give you the power to achieve your plan, without having to say…’oh, if only I’d known!’

We spend time with you discovering where you have come from and what is important to you now and in the future.

What are your concerns and what are your dreams and aspirations?

We will tell you the ‘Truth’ about your money and your plans, and put together a Financial Plan which will review with you every year to make certain your plan is on track.

So……a financial plan. Have you got one? If not, why not?

Do you want to live the life you want to live? Perhaps we could help you do that in 2017.

Get in touch.