Monthly Archives: February 2018

Opening minds to a lifetime of possibilities

Minds were opened to a ‘lifetime of possibilities’ at our recent ‘Values Day’ at Wortley Hall. All the Lifetimers came together to watch presentations delivered by our MD Ian Dickinson, Communications Director and ‘special guest’ Mel Bligh, before deciding on the six ‘value’ words we will shortly be making ‘part and parcel’ of our company…

The power of Truth helps Lifetime client make life-changing decision

Lifetime financial planner Robert Bligh has seen at first hand how the power of ‘Truth’ can help a client make a ‘life-changing decision’, hopefully for the better. Lifetime uses the fantastic cash flow modelling software from Prestwood Truth to help put together a client’s financial plan. It helps us tell our clients the ‘truth’ about their money….

Grateful client thankful for ‘first rate’ Lifetime service in time of need

A grateful client has contacted Lifetime to offer their thanks for a ‘first rate’ service in a time of need. Coming in for special praise was our financial planner Jennifer Broadhead (pictured below). The client takes up the story: “Prior to June/July 2017 our investments had been overseen by an independent financial adviser who, over the…

There are easier ways to talk about your pension!

Tom Nelson our Pension Manager

Lifetime’s new  video has catapulted Pension Manager Tom Nelson to ‘star status!’ Tom has been hailed the ‘new Steve McQueen’ after his action-packed showing in Lifetime’s new pension blockbuster! Tom overcame a number of ‘obstacles’ to let people know that Lifetime are ready, willing and able to help you with your retirement planning. Enjoy the…